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BigByteBlock- Passive Income

Do you like passive income? Do you want to just hit one button every day and earn? Want to monetize time? BigByteBlock is the answer to all these questions. It is the best way to earn passively on your investment. In this article, let us understand what is it exactly, how it works? Or is it another Ponzi scheme that attracts investors?

What is BigByteBlock?

BigByteBlock is a CeDeFi monetizing time as BBB coins. The BBB coins are generated when a node matures, a node takes 1 year to mature from the day it was blocked. More nodes you block today, the more BBB coins you will earn after 1 year. It’s a simple process. So, the fundamental is to block nodes. Now, there is some basic terminology that you must know:

  • Node: A node is simply a block of the blockchain. The smallest unit of the blockchain. Every node has its own unique identity.
  • Block nodes: Blocking a node is the same as reserving a seat for yourself in a stadium. The more nodes you block, the more benefits you get.
  • Node mature: Every node that is blocked, after 1 year it will mature to become a BBB coin.

Let us now see how BigByteBlock works to get a better picture.

How BigByteBlock work?


BigByteBlock works when the nodes are blocked. The process is simple as explained above from blocking nodes to maturing nodes. However, a node is not free to block. Currently, the price of a node is $0.936 and it increases every day by $0.001. So, early investors are favored. Every node you block earns daily for you, the more nodes you block, you will have more daily income which you can utilize to block even more nodes. If you want to make passive income with BigByteBlock, let’s get you started.

How to get started?

More nodes mean more earnings. let’s focus on blocking more nodes. To get started, kindly follow the instructions given:

  • Register an account on BigByteBlock, if you use this link you will get 1 free node to block.
  • Add deposit. Make an investment and block nodes with it.
  • Daily income. The blocked nodes will earn up to 200% ROI for you. Claim your daily income and block more nodes with your daily income.
  • Repeat. Claim income every day and block nodes daily. so after 1 year, you get BBB coins daily. by just making one investment.
  • Patience. Continue blocking nodes, and after 1 year, your nodes will stop earning and mature to become a BBB coin.
  • Withdraw. Withdraw your BBB coins to your BEP20 wallet. and trade for other currencies.

Is bigByteBlock a scam?

The clear answer is NO. They have been doing everything they promised. Check their Trustpilot page, read other investors’ reviews, and see how happy everyone is in this amazing community.


BigByteBlock is a smart investment, let’s see why:

  • You will get back your initial investment. So, you only need to lock your investment for a year, then you can withdraw your initial deposit and BBB coins as well.
  • Your initial investment will be sent back to you as BNB in your updated BEP20 wallet address.
  • The concept of BigByteBlock is new and is blockchain-based, which creates a huge demand for this project in the future.
  • The BBB coins take one year to mint, so they are valuable coins.
  • Since your initial deposit is returned back to you after 1 year. So after it, everything is a profit.
  • They have an intelligent team. They know how to attract buyers.
  • The support team is amazing, all questions are answered by them in their telegram group.
  • They are building a strong community, and have the potential of making everyone in their community a crypto millionaire.
  • One investment is enough to make a passive income source, which is otherwise very difficult to build.

I have invested about $500 in this website, and I block nodes daily. Now I have earned over $7,000 from my blocked nodes which I use to block further nodes, I have more than 11,200 nodes. Also, I get a daily income of $35 from my blocked nodes, and I block more than 30 new nodes every day. On top of everything, I received my initial $500 back.


I consider BigByteBlock as a new gem, which will be a huge deal in the future, I have seen myself grow with this platform. and that’s why I gave them a 5star rating on TrustPilot. Do share your thoughts about this platform in the comment section below, and let’s face a discussion. To see more related content, you can register to crypto guide here. And read more about BigByteBlock here.

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