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Get More Referrals for BigByteBlock by Email Marketing

Get started with referral email marketing and Increase your chance for a better passive income with BigByteBlock ready email templates by PiggyMails.

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You might not even have the Idea. Do you?

Just by sending a notification to your subscribers, you can get massive traffic to your referral links that will lead to conversions. Just one condition, write an effective email that grabs their attention.

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See How to get Best Results

Results depend on so many factors from your subscriber’s mood to your content’s quality. But as an Author, you must keep the following things in mind.

Choose Right Audience

Send to the people who are interested in cryptocurrency. Narrow your niche.

Attention Grabbing Email

Write a perfect email, less in words and more in power. More focus on title.

Right Opportunity and Time

Do not include your referral link directly in the email. It might be sent to spam.

Send and Statistics

Study the statistics of your email campaign and improve them onwards.

On Behalf of 270+ Referrers

No doubt, email marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog where you can insert your referral link in the blog. PiggyMails provide BigByteBlock specific email templates that amplify our presence to our subscribers which has positively helped us grow.

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