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BoastCoast- P2P MarketPlace is the marketplace where we can buy/sell anything with crypto. In case you are wondering, what you can do with your BBB coins apart from holding/providing liquidity/block nodes (after 5M nodes), this is the best platform where you can earn/spend BBB coins for listing your products or services.

What is is a marketplace powered by BigByteBlock which allows its users to buy and sell anything with crypto. This is a very nice place to buy items at low prices. You can also earn crypto by selling your products and services. There are already a bunch of items listed on the marketplace, you can check it here and purchase if anything suits you. You also earn 1 BBB coin for every listing you view, and if you list your ad, you have to spend 1 BBB coin for every view.

How to get started?

If you want to buy any item already listed on boastcoast, or you want to sell your product/services/any old item which you no longer require and want to earn crypto for viewing ads. Then you must get started with boastcoast and earn some crypto.

  • You can use the same login credentials as BigByteBlock to access your boastcoast account.
  • If you do not have an account, then you can start with the signup process here. and then log in to your account.
  • Explore the marketplace to earn BBB coins and if you are interested in any item, you can start a live chat with the seller.
  • You can list a new item, add product names, descriptions, and images to attract buyers. You must have a sufficient BBB balance in your account to list an item because you have to spend 1 BBB coin for every view.

How does it work?

BoastCoast is a P2P marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Buyers explore the marketplace and earn BBB coins for every listing they view, and if they like a product, they can contact the seller to purchase the product. On the other hand, A seller lists his/her product on the marketplace by spending BBB coins for every view his/her advertisement gets. So, this is a perfect opportunity for:

  • Advertisers: They advertise their products and services to an audience by spending BBB coins which they get from maturing nodes.
  • Viewers: They earn BBB coins for viewing ads, which is a very respectable reward, otherwise you need to view thousands of ads to make an earning of a cent.
  • Buyers: People who are looking for a service or a product should check the boastcoast marketplace. They can get it for a very low price.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody and the best real use case of BBB coins.

How to list my item on BoastCoast?

This is a very simple process like filling out a form and getting it listed, no fancy review process, etc. But they have a smart and advanced system that detects any suspicious activity and does not list that item. To list your item click here.

Simply provide details about your product, like its name, description, and some images. Provide clear and different photos of your product to increase your chances to sell it. You will also need some BBB coins in your account balance, as listing your ads on the platform requires BBB coins per view.  The more BBB coins you have, means you have more budget for your ad, it can get more views and reach more people.

Why choose BoastCoast?

Following are the reasons that you should choose BoastCoast for the exchange of products or items:

  • Earn crypto: This is the best reason, you can exchange your products with crypto.
  • Easy to find products you are interested in.
  • Listing items/products/services are very easy. Does not include a fancy review process like many other marketplaces.
  • The team themselves review the trade so that no one is scammed.
  • 24/7 support is available.
  • Since it is a P2P marketplace, there are no extra fees you have to pay to the platform.
  • An amazing community is there to welcome and help you on telegram.

How BoastCoast can boost up the BBB coin?

This marketplace was launched and has become a real use case of BBB coin. A project with a strong community-led by an intelligent team, which has a real use case guarantees the success of a project. This marketplace can attract a lot of new investors for BBB coin which will skyrocket its price.

You can promote BoastCoast and introduce new members to the community, so our community becomes stronger and stronger and we together hit the moon. Try listing anything in your house that you feel is no longer required, you can exchange it with crypto. As more products are listed, it will attract more people. Promote this project and make it a success because it has the capability of making everyone in its community a millionaire.


We are slowly heading towards the 5M node update. Why don’t fill up our bags enough, so we do not regret it later. Let’s face it and have a discussion about BoastCoast. The P2P Marketplace. write down your thoughts in the comment section, so everyone knows better about this marketplace. If you want to read more articles related to BigByteBlock, then you can check BigByteBlock Blog.

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