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Everything you need to know about BigByteBlock Contracts

You might wonder what these contracts are, and why the nodes system, became obsolete. Well, the contracts system was introduced by the BBB team to reduce the waiting period from 1 year to 1 day. As we know the nodes mature in 1 year to form 1 BBB coin. But in contracts, as soon as you book contracts, you start earning BBB coins the next day.

Why Book Contracts?

Simply, in order to earn BBB coins, you need to book contracts. That’s the only way, the other way is obviously by providing liquidity. If you do not know how to add liquidity, see here. There are different levels of contracts starting from $15 to $500 contract. Each contract has a certain ROI and returns BBB coins daily. Since the price of BBB coins is very low at the moment, it is best to collect more and more BBB coins. So, the best way is by booking contracts because it offers a constant income for 1 year in BBB coins.

But there are certain limitations to booking a contract.

  • You are not allowed to book more than 0.1% of the total contracted amount or $500.

This is done to ensure that the BBB market does not remain saturated at some BBB whales only and everybody gets a fair chance to earn from this amazing opportunity.

How does a contract work?

It is simple math.

  • Each contract will be active for 1 year, which means you will get daily earnings till 1 year is completed.
  • You will get your daily earnings in terms of BBB coins. Accordingly, the number of BBB coins credited may increase or decrease, depending on the current price of the BBB coin.

For example, if I booked a contract of $500, and in 1-year return 20% ROI, I will get $600 in BBB coins, so, I will get $600/365 dollar amount every day in BBB coins. and the number of BBB credited will depend on the market price of the BBB coin.

Should I book contracts regularly?

It is completely your decision whether you want to book contracts regularly or not, but you must experience booking contracts for once at least to experience what it offers and how far it can go. In short, book at least until you can, because there is a limit on booking contracts, you can simply book a contract up to $500 and after that, you have to wait for the total contracted amount to cross. That will depend on the community.

How to book contracts?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Bigbyteblock account.
  • Go to the menu and Book contracts.
  • Select the contract you want to book, and simply hit submit button to book your contract.
  • You must have a sufficient balance in your account, if you do not have that then you will have to add a deposit.
  • Adding a deposit is simply a crypto transaction.

What to do after booking a contract?

Simply sit back and relax and your account will be credited with BBB coins daily depending upon the market price. You can withdraw your BBB coins to your BEP20 wallet. and you can either provide liquidity to earn even more BBB coins or sell for any other cryptocurrency.


The BBB team smartly invented contracts to solve the waiting problem of its community members and this can lead to another level in the BBB ecosystem, but the community members are constantly selling their BBB coins as soon as they withdraw. That is hurting the coin’s price and that is why it is decreasing in value. But we can still get up and take BBB to new heights. Please let me know in the comment section if you like this article and want more related content about the BBB.

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