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Integrate your Business with PiggyMails for free.

Let your users use piggymails and grow your business to the next level. Just like more than 50+ businesses already did and experienced growth.

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Do you need email marketing software for your business?

Whether it is you who need it or your users or both. We provide optimal solutions for every situation. Get started with the integration process it’s completely free.

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Do you use Affiliate system on your website for growth?

Is it working well for you? Here’s our tip for you. Do not provide affiliate link only to your users, also provide them a way they can promote their affiliate links. Email marketing is the best way among many.

See How?

Do you market your business with help of your exisitng users?

It is one of the best marketing techniques to use your existing customers for your brand awareness and expansion. Do you provide affiliate commissions, reward incentives, or anything? Your users need PiggyMails for their own marketing that will benefit your business.

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Your users can help you grow even more!

They just need instructions and technical support to do marketing for you. Providing incentives is fine, but they do not bring out the best results. Also, provide them with proper tools and software so that they can do marketing for you.

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See How will Integration Work?

Kindly see the steps about how will the integration work for your website, as it is different depending on your requirements. But below is our standard procedure.

Get in Touch

Contact us with your requirements, explaining your business.


We will find the best possible way that will bring out the best result.


We will provide you instructions and your users will be able to use piggymails.


Let your users use piggymails and grow your business to the next level.

Ready to Get started?

Contact us at and send your businesses requirements and we will get back to you shortly.

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