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Latest Withdrawal Policy- BigByteBlock

Since each withdrawal hurts the BBB coin’s price as people sell them as soon as they receive them in their wallets. The BBB team has put several restrictions and conditions to request a withdrawal. There have been several updates in the withdrawal policy and in this blog post you will get to see the latest withdrawal policy on 14, Dec 2022. It might change later according to the business needs.

Withdrawal Prerequisite

  • Please update your profile pic with a real photo.  
  • Please update your BSC wallet (Binance smart chain) address in profile settings to receive your coins.  
  • Please join our telegram group and update your username in profile settings
  • Please list an item to sell on and help build our community stronger. 
  • IMPORTANT: You need to add a minimum of 43,227,680 BBB coins ($3.48) to the BNB/BBB liquidity pool, which is 10% of the total BBB coins withdrawn + withdrawable by you so far. Click here to add liquidity. And Click here to check your share in the liquidity pool.
  • We will thoroughly check all the above pre-conditions before your withdrawal is processed. So pls make sure to fulfill them all.
  • All withdrawals are processed manually. So, please allow 24-48 hrs before your coin reflects in your BSC wallet. Once the transfer is done you will receive an email with the transaction confirmation link.
  • Pls note the BBB coin contract address, which is required to add it to your BSC wallet – 0x195075035e0fe74989d30a90b66a4c837839d5b9
  • Watch step-by-step videos about “How to get your BBB Coins into your BSC wallet ?” – Click Here.

Important point

You must not have a negative USD balance, you have to recover your negative balance if you have. To solve this issue:

  • You can add a deposit to cover the deficit amount.
  • You can sell your BBB coins within the BigByteBlock platform at the market price to get USD.

Once you cover this negative balance, you can request a withdrawal. But before it’s processed, you must add a 10% liquidity to BBB/BNB pool to help other members trade.


The withdrawal policies have been changed several times, but all changes were made to ensure the best for the community and protect their members and yield the best profit. The BBB team has always been with their members and they expect the same from the members as well.

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